BCCI’s Net Worth Over INR 18,700 Crore, Cricket Australia 28 Times Poorer

BCCI Net Worth: While the Board Of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is often regarded as the richest cricket board in the world, a recent media report has now revealed the exact figures of their current net worth. The staggering numbers are enough to show the dominance of Indian cricket and how it is India’s tour to a country which serves as a massive impetus to the host country’s financial outlook. Much of BCCI’s meteoric growth is due to the emergence and success of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the inaugural season of which was played in 2008.

What makes BCCI’s dominance jaw-dropping is that they are miles ahead than the rest. While BCCI’s net worth is estimated at 2.25-billion US dollars (over 18,700 crore approximately), Cricket Australia (CA) which stands second in the larger scheme of things with a net worth of 79 million US dollars (over 660 Crore). The figures have been claimed in a report carried by Cricbuzz.

Much like the IPL has been a major contributor to BCCI’s increasing revenue, the same is the case with CA whose T20 league, although not quite as big as the IPL, is among the oldest and the successful T20 leagues going around the world. The same report claims that Cricket South Africa (CSA), who will host India for an all-format series, have the sixth highest net worth among cricket board around the world estimated at 47 million US dollars, only about 2% of BCCI’s total worth.

ECB Complete ‘The Big Three’

Meanwhile, it is the England and the Wales Cricket Board (ECB) who are the third placed board in this list with a worth of 59 million US dollars, perfectly summing up why the BCCI, CA and ECB are often referred to as the ‘Big Three’ of World cricket. However, India is trult the leader even among these three largely because of the cricket-loving population, given that  90 per cent of all sport watchers consume only cricket, as claimed in the same report.

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