India Vs England T20 World Cup 2024 Semi Final: What Is The Cut-Off Time, When Will We Start Lo

T20 World Cup 2024: The semi-final fixture between India and England remains rain-affected and the fans fear that there might be a no result, or an over-reduction to come in affect. However, this will not be the case soon enough in Guyana, as the new ICC rule ‘250-minute’ makes sure that for the next 4 hours and 10 minutes, there will be no over-reduction.

The new rule states that there will be additional 250 minutes alloted from the scheduled start time and this means, that inspite of the rain interruptions, there will be a full 20-over-per-side match.

However, if the conditions force stoppage and game time to go beyond the 250-minute mark, the traditional cut-off time will come in effect and sides will start losing overs.

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Rohit Sharma’s Press-Conference Ahead Of The Semi-Final Clash

From India’s fearless approach, to threat of England and individual’s roles, Rohit Sharma said the following during the press-conference on Thursday:

“Yes, it’s important to play without fear. And we have created this environment in the team for the past few years. That we don’t have to think much and play without thinking. This format is like that now. Individual scores and individual brilliance don’t matter that much. If someone does it, it’s good, but you shouldn’t focus on it. I think the game that we played in Bangladesh was the perfect game.”

“As a captain I really like that, because I think the role we talk about – everyone played their role, and still not one or two people made 70-80 runs. One made 50, and then the other 6 players made 23-30 each and made us reach 198. That is because the role that we have given each player – he did his role in his phase. That’s when we reached that score. Our focus is not on the individual score, it is on the role, how you will play the role.”

“We want to treat this game as another game that we have played in this tournament. Everyone knows in the back of their mind it’s a semi-final. But you don’t want to keep talking about it again and again and again. And not to think about what has happened in the past.”

“Sometimes if you think too much, sometimes you then will not be able to make the decisions that you want to make on the field. So, I think it’s important that we stay clear in our mind what we want to do. We have had enough conversations with the players, what is expected out of each one of us. So, it’s time now to just rely on the individual instinct and then take the game forward.”

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